ON point. is a Houston based, branding and marketing consulting agency. I work diligently on behalf of my clients in order to introduce more efficient methods of organization and productive business solutions for your company. Through a strong collaborative effort between client and consultant, I will assess needed areas of improvement and provide unique and creative solutions.

I provide resolutions to my clients’ brand management and marketing needs. Through an in-depth understanding of current advertising environments, and of new and traditional media ON point. will assist businesses in developing new ways to bring value to their brands, garner larger market share and engage their consumers. With my expertise, resources, and relationships I provide a roadmap for clients that promote strong brand positions and integrated marketing strategies through a balanced mix of market knowledge, strategic planning, creative design and plan implementation.


ON point. uses a scalable service model and top-tier advertising methods to provide marketing solutions to services deemed unaffordable for most small businesses and make them accessible to growth-minded owners.






Woman behind the Brand

Olivia grad

As the founder and CEO of ON point. I deliver a unique mix of highly developed brand and marketing expertise. I’ll use my skills as a branding strategist and marketing consultant offering clients strategic planning proficiency, consumer insight, trend driven new concept development methods, and business management skills with proven results!

I’m a Sam Houston State University alumnus holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing with a double minor in Business Communications and Management. In my studies I learned the value of a strong work ethic, the importance of being efficient, and that the key to any goal is to implement an effective strategy. I’ll use my knowledge, experience, and determination for a company that will grant me the chance to utilize my experience in sales and marketing implement solutions to build your business.



The ON point. mission is to help a business grow through results-oriented branding and marketing solutions. I leverage insights to differentiate and create value with integrity. I believe in providing innovative and effective solutions for clients: through business planning, negotiation, and brand expertise; to deliver superior top line and bottom line results.