The Woman Behind the Brand

Olivia grad

If I had to describe myself id say I’m creative, quirky, quick-witted and fashionable. I’d also say I love to eat, hate roaches and I’m scared of heights but that’s irrelevant. What really matters is that since I was young I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset which is what led me to create On Point marketing agency. However, it’s my flair for being a smudge overdressed, slight shopping addiction, and workplace charisma that inspired me to chronicle my thoughts in a blog. 

I’m a Sam Houston State University alumn holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing with a double minor in Business Communications and Management. In my studies and through life situations I learned the value of a strong work ethic, the importance of being efficient, and that the key to any goal is to implement an effective strategy.

The ON point mission is to help millennials and small businesses grow through an understanding of corporate tactics and marketing strategies. I leverage insights to differentiate and create value that results in creative and effective marketing solutions.

I’m just a girl trying to make it!


ON Point.
Marketing Solutions

I provide solutions to my clients’ brand management and marketing needs. Through an in-depth understanding of current advertising environments, and of new and traditional media I will assist businesses in developing new ways to bring value to their brands, garner a larger market share and engage their consumers. With my expertise, resources, and relationships I provide a roadmap for clients that promote strong brand positions and integrated marketing strategies through a balanced mix of market knowledge, strategic planning, creative design and plan implementation.