Introducing the ON point blog!


2017 has been a busy year with the launch of ON point solutions. Starting a business is a rewarding experience that comes with a lot of hard work. I decided to start ON point once I grew tired of procrastinating my entrepreneurial dreams. I am a graduate of the Smith Hudson College of Business at Sam Houston State University. I earned my degree in Marketing with double minors in Management and Business Communications. From my corporate experience and extensive education, I want to utilize my passions to help others grow their business.

The ON point blog is dedicated to decoding new marketing tactics and branding strategies from a contemporary millennial perspective. I decided to start this blog because I want to break down the marketing and advertising strategies used by well-known consumer brands. Every industry utilizes marketing to find ingenious ways to insert product propaganda into our attention spans and unwitting subconscious. In these posts, I’ll explain evolved marketing trends and new branding tactics, however, I’ll also share with readers my experiences that have helped to shape my own marketing skill set over the course of my professional career.

I hope that you find great value and benefit in reading this blog!


Always ON point!


⇒ Olivia

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